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Controlled clinical trials and long-term open extension studies for proscar finasteride 5 mg and avodart dutasteride in the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia.

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Avodat should nv b takn by a woman a child. Dutastid can b absobd though th skin, and womn childn should not b pmittd thandl th capsuls. Although Avodat is not us by womn, this mdication can caus bith dcts i a woman is xposd tit duing pgnancy. Avodat capsuls should not b handld by a woman whis pgnant whmay bcom pgnant.

Ndos adjustmnt is ncssay AVODAT in patints with nal impaimnt [s CLINICAL PHAMACOLOGY ].

AVODAT is containdicatd us in womn childbaing potntial and duing pgnancy. AVODAT is a 5 alpha-ductas inhibitthat pvnts convsion tstoston tdihydotstoston (DHT), a homon ncssay nomal dvlopmnt mal gnitalia. In animal poduction and dvlopmntal toxicity studis, dutastid inhibitd nomal dvlopmnt xtnal gnitalia in mal tuss. Tho, AVODAT may caus tal ham whn administd ta pgnant woman. I AVODAT is usd duing pgnancy i th patint bcoms pgnant whil taking AVODAT, th patint should b appisd th potntial hazad tth tus.

Inomation on th dcas sum PSA lvls duing tatmnt with dutastid and guidanc concning postat canc dtction, plas s sction 4.4.

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