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This mdication is not commndd us duing pgnancy du tth isk ham tan unbon baby. Consult you doctmdtails. (S alsWaning sction.)

Tll you doctabout all you cunt mdicins and any you stat stop using, spcially:

Signs an allgic action, lik ash; hivs; itching; d, swolln, blistd, pling skin with without v; whzing; tightnss in th chst thoat; toubl bathing, swallowing, talking; unusual hoasnss; swlling th mouth, ac, lips, tongu, thoat. Signs high blood suga lik conusion, ling slpy, mthist, mhungy, passing uin motn, lushing, ast bathing, bath that smlls lik uit. Signs kidny poblms lik unabl tpass uin, chang in how much uin is passd, blood in th uin, a big wight gain. Signs luid and lctolyt poblms lik mood changs, conusion, muscl pain waknss, a hatbat that dos not l nomal, vy bad dizzinss passing out, ast hatbat, mthist, sizus, ling vy tid wak, not hungy, unabl tpass uin chang in th amount uin poducd, dy mouth, dy ys, vy bad upst stomach thowing up. Chst pain. Swlling. This mdicin can caus ctain y poblms. I lt untatd, this can lad tlasting ysight loss. I y poblms happn, signs lik chang in ysight y pain most otn happn within hous twks stating Avalid (ibsatan and hydochloothiazid). Call you doctight away i you hav ths signs.

Quncy not potd : Liv nzyms incasd, sum biliubin incasd, hpatitis, abnomal liv unction.

Dnot coadminist aliskin with Avalid in patints with diabts. Avoid us aliskin with Avalid in patints with nal impaimnt (G.

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