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The european medicines agency s committee for medicinal products for human use chmp published a letter for patients, prescribers and parents that paroxetine should not be prescribed to children.

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Report any new or worsening symptoms to your doctorsuch asmood or behavior changesanxietypanic attackstrouble sleepingor if you feel impulsiveirritableagitatedhostileaggressiverestlesshyperactivementally or physicallymore depressedor have thoughts about suicide or hurting yourself.

In children and young adultsrisks must be weighed against the benefits of taking antidepressants.

Taking paroxetine during pregnancy may cause serious lung problemsa heart defector other complications in the babyHoweveryou may have a relapse of depression or other treated condition if you stop taking your antidepressantTell your doctor right away if you become pregnantDo not start or stop taking paroxetine during pregnancy without your doctor’s advice.

AGenerally acceptableControlled studies in pregnant women show no evidence of fetal risk.

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a many antidepressants, including prozac fluoxetine , paxil paroxetine , zoloft sertraline , celexa citalopram , effexor venlafaxine , lexapro escitalopram and pristiq desvenlafaxine , can cause sexual side effects.

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