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Premenopausal women who have a high risk of breast cancer due to certain changes in the brca1 and brca2 genes may choose to have a risk-reducing oophorectomythe removal of both ovaries when there are no signs of cancerThis decreases the amount of estrogen made by the body and lowers the risk of breast cancerRisk-reducing oophorectomy also lowers the risk of breast cancer in normal premenopausal women and in women with an increased risk of breast cancer due to radiation to the chestHoweverit is very important to have a cancer risk assessment and counseling before making this decisionThe sudden drop in estrogen levels may cause the symptoms of menopause to beginThese include hot flashestrouble sleepinganxietyand depressionLong-term effects include decreased sex drivevaginal drynessand decreased bone density.

Osteoporosis is a condition which usually results due to a decrease in bone densityIn this conditionthe bones become weak and brittleFractures are a common result of osteoporosisUsuallysymptoms or signs do not show up until the condition progresses to its advanced stages.

Drinking alcohol increases the risk of breast cancerThe level of risk rises as the amount of alcohol consumed rises.

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