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In combination with amoxicillin and claithomycin tatmnt H pyloi inction and duodnal ulc disas (activ histoy within past 5 y)

Ad th Mdication Guid and th Patint Inomation Lalt i availabl om you phamacist byou stat taking abpazol and ach tim you gt a ill. I you hav any qustions, ask you doctphamacist.

“Statd yas agand got instant li. Tid all oth availabl mds with littl sults. Nv had any sid cts at all with Aciphx. My insuanc dosn’t lik it, but I couldn’t liv without it.”

This mdicin may caus hypomagnsmia (low magnsium in th blood). You doctmay chck you blood lvls i you a taking this mdicin mthan 1 ya i you a taking ctain mdicins togth with abpazol. Chck with you doctight away i you hav dowsinss, a loss apptit, mood mntal changs, muscl spasms twitching, sizus, nausa vomiting, tmbling, unusual tidnss waknss.

Not: S Amoxil nty minomation on amoxicillin. S Biaxin nty minomation on claithomycin.

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