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The weight-loss product Slimex 15 is available in the form of yellow or orange capsuleswhile Slimex 15 New Formula is available in the form of white tablets:

Unless otherwise directed by your doctorSlimex should be taken in the morning to avoid sleeping problems.

Slimex is one of the most debated medications for weight lossbody correction and slimmingWhile some Slimex online reviews claim the drug to be the top effective ever for healthy slimming and keeping the achieved weight and body shapes steadystill there are patients reporting cheap Slimex to be waste of money and time as it performs zero effectIn this review we will try to find out whether it is worth to order Slimex onlinehow the drug works and which effects and results of the drug to expect.

The usual dosage is one capsule taken once each daySwallow one capsule whole every day with a glass of waterStart with the capsule markedBegin with this capsuleon each trayfollowedon the next daywith the capsule marked with that day of the weekContinue to take one capsule daily until all the capsules in the tray have been takenAll capsules are the sameThey are marked with the day of the week to help you keep track of whether you have taken your dose each day.

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the makers of slimex advice users to continue using the product once the weight loss starts to plateau.

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