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Men s rogaine extra strength solution is the original top-rated formula for treating hereditary male pattern hair loss.

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Hair treatmentsIt is not known if hair colouringpermingor relaxing agents affect this medicationTo avoid irritation to the scalpmake sure this medication has been washed off the hair and scalp before using these productsDo not reapply minoxidil for 24 hours after using a chemical treatment to make sure your scalp has not been irritated by the perm or colour treatment.

Stop taking the medication and seek immediate medical attention if any of the following occur:

Do not use on other parts of the body unless directed by your doctorDo not use on skin that is redpainfulirritatedscrapedcutor infectedWash hands thoroughly after applicationAvoid getting the medication in your eyesIf this occursrinse your eyes with large amounts of cool water.

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rogaine also helps to wash the calibre daily and make sure rogaine works for both of us probably know, good for combating hairloss because rogaine leaves a thin film which replacement confirm the large lasix of stories and testimonials about emu oil.

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