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It has a combination of herbs that are indigenous to IndiaThese herbs work together to halt bleedingIt has Chandrakalaa potent stypticStyptics are agents that help blood cells bind together and clotStyplon can also imrove the permeability of the capillaries using Amlaa substance rich with ascorbic acidIt has Maha Neem which has long been respected for its antiseptic abilitiesAs for blood clottingit has Somalata which will accelerate the completion of the blood clotLastlyits Daru Haldi content has active properties that help contract smooth muscles and facilitate a smoother recovery for the patient.

Styplon is a himalaya herbal formulation with anti-inflammatoryastringent and styptic properties.

HemostaticStyplon Vet is a styptic that controls bleeding by converting prothrombina blood clotting proteinto thrombinprotein which plays a central role in provoking the assembly of other proteins to form the blood clotStylon Vet stimulates hemopoietic organswhich increase the production of plateletsstabilize capillary endotheliumcells that line the interior surface of blood vesselsand maintain vascular integrity.

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styplon is not useful in the treatment of congenital coagulopathies, such as hemophilia.

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