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Hypersensitivity reactions to carbamazepine have been reported in patients who previously experienced this reaction to anticonvulsants including phenytoinprimidoneand phenobarbitalIf such history is presentbenefits and risks should be carefully considered andif carbamazepine is initiatedthe signs and symptoms of hypersensitivity should be carefully monitored.

SurveillanceRespirationcardiac functionECG monitoringblood pressurebody temperaturepupillary reflexesand kidney and bladder function should be monitored for several days.

Baseline and periodic eye examinationsincluding slit-lampfunduscopyand tonometryare recommended since many phenothiazines and related drugs have been shown to cause eye changes.

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the patient s ability to react may be impaired by the medical condition resulting in seizures and adverse reactions including dizziness, drowsiness, ataxia, diplopia, impaired accommodation and blurred vision reported with tegretol, especially at the start of treatment or in connection with dose adjustments.

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