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The most common side effects may includeheadachemuscle aches and painsabdominal painweaknessand nausea.

Although clinical studies have shown that CRESTOR alone does not reduce basal plasma cortisol concentration or impair adrenal reservecaution should be exercised if CRESTOR is administered concomitantly with drugs that may decrease the levels or activity of endogenous steroid hormones such as ketoconazolespironolactoneand cimetidine.

Unexplained muscle paintendernessor weaknessconfusionmemory problemsfeverunusual tirednessand dark colored urineswellingweight gainurinating less than usual or not at allincreased thirstincreased urinationhungerdry mouthfruity breath odor.

CRP is produced in the liverCRP levels rise in response to inflammation throughout the body.

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the difference was so tiny that it will require 120 individuals with elevated crp to take crestor every day for two years for just one person to obtain benefit.

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