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Stop using zyprexa and call your doctor at once if you have any of these serious side effects .

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Weight gainmore likely in teenagersincreased appetiteheadachedizzinessdrowsinessfeeling tired or restlessmemory problemsstomach painconstipationloss of bladder controlback painpain in your arms or legsnumbness or tingly feelingbreast swelling or dischargein women or menor missed menstrual periods.

Somnolencesedationdizzinessconstipationweight gainincreased appetitepersonality disorderakathisiaastheniapostural hypotensionheadacheabdominal paindry mouthfatiguetremorextremity/back painnauseadiarrheavomitingcoughnasopharyngitisneutropeniahyperprolactinemiaelevated liver enzymesEPS.

Zyprexa may not be right for youBefore starting Zyprexatell your doctor if you have or had:

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