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Sometimes it is useful to use styplon, another herbal formulation used to treat hemorrhoids along with pilex.

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W]ithin the 3rd daythe bleeding had stoppedIt is truly a remarkable productI am another very satisfied and happy customerI bought one order of Pilex 1 1/2 years agoThe hemorrhoids immediately disappeared for 1 yr3 moG]reat alternative to going under the knife and having surgeryPilex is the miracle that has saved meI have had bouts of rectal bleedinghemorrhoids and polyps for yearsThe bleeding stopped within 2 days along with itchingThanks PilexSurgery was my only optionmy bleeding has ceasedI can say that PILEX worksSincere gratitude to you

Other BenefitsInternal and external hemorrhoids As an adjuvant in the management of varicose veins Anal fissures Pregnancy-induced hemorrhoids.

12 to 25 working days to UK and EuropeInternational deliveries vary and DO NOT depend on usWe do our best to dispatch the items as fast as possibleBut once the product is sent the whole process entirely depends on the postal services and other factors like weatherstrikescustoms control etc.

Bleeding Piles Non-bleeding piles Internal or external hemorrhoids Varicose veins Anal discomfort or pain.

Pilex is a ayurvedic formulation which combats pileshemorrhoidsIt majorly contains Lajjalu and Yashad bhasma.

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